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Why Turkey ?

Posted by Alper.Ocakli on August 10, 2015
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8 reasons to choose Turkey for second home

Turkey is the perfect alternative for international property buyers:

  1. Turkey offers holiday homes at “YET” competitive prices; after becoming a member of European Union prices are likely to reach European levels.
  2. Turkey was the center of ancient world. Today, as the bridge between civilizations and the country of contrast and beauty, Turkey has much to offer both the visitor and investor.
  3. The World Trade Organization considers Turkey to be one of the world’s fastest growing economies today. Turkey has the world’s 17th largest GDP and one of the largest economies in Eastern Europe.
  4. Now travelling to Turkey is easier than before. Airplanes land at the Antalya Airports from 200 cities of the world. For citizens of many countries visas are issued upon entry.
  5. The cost of living in Turkey is much lower but compared with many countries.
  6. Due to mild climate Turkey has longer holiday season compared to European countries, which means a stronger rental potential.
  7. Turkey offers a quality lifestyle. There are plenty of golf courses, marinas, cafés, restaurants, beach bars with lively night life, shopping malls and entertainment centers.
  8. Turkey attracts about 30 million visitors every year and has become the 3rd most popular tourist destination in Europe and 7th in the world.

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