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SIDE also known as the ancient Pamphylia’s largest port, is situated on a small peninsula extending into the sea and one of the most attractive and popular Mediterranean resorts of Turkey. With the well preserved amphitheatre which provides a panoramic view of the city, the temples, monumental road covered by the city today and the remains of the ancient harbor the life in Side is like living in the middle of a museum! Side is a small town with a very natural environment that gives opportunities to vacate, enjoy sports, relax in every way you can think of. The ancient atmosphere of this small town will bring you back to ancient times . Buying a property in Side is always a good investment, since the area is becoming more and more popular amongst especially foreigners. Being at the centre of a beautiful and very diverse region where the Taurus Mountains descend to the Pamphylian Plain buying a house will mean owning a piece of ancient history.

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