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Retirement in Turkey

Posted by model on July 27, 2015
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Are your investments growing?

If you answered YES, considering retirement and thinking about investing in Turkey could be a good choice for you.

Like many foreigners who have preferred Turkey as their choice, you may have spent years looking forward to a dream retirement lifestyle; perhaps wanting to move to a more suitable property, or to a better and different or even warmer location. A relaxed lifestyle, a fantasticclimate, a lower cost of living: these are probably the three top reasons why so many people are retiring and settling down in Turkey.

Turkey is preparing new laws and regulations together with a fast developing economy, in order to become a full member of the European Union. The process of localizing and adjusting to these new conditions will take place within the next few years. This is one of the reasons to invest / buy a property in Turkey, it is just the right time. Prices for the retirement properties will rise in line with European levels.

Countries like Greece, Italy or Spain are relatively expensive to settle in comparison with a life quality that is exceptionally high with expatriate retirees in Turkey, where the cost of living is clearly lower than in the countries mentioned earlier. There are lots of retirees from other countries in Turkey, who live a very good and relaxed life, thanks to the low cost of living in Turkey, that lies far below European levels and guarantees high purchasing power for those with hard currency, even in the relatively expensive coastal resorts. During your retirement in Turkey, you can still draw your pension; it will be more fertil here, so you can afford to eat plenty of healthy fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Living in this wonderful country will surely ease your life.

When you are in Turkey it is still possible for you to draw your pension; which will give you strong purchasing power.

Please look after your health

Moving to a country with a warmer, dryer climate and a more relaxed lifestyle will be great for your overall well being and your health – no more winter aches and pains and no more stressful winter fuel bills either.Also there are lots of possibilities for you to keep fit like; swimming in the sea to walking or joining a local health club.One should not forget, that an accident lies in a small corner and it can happen to anyone. In Turkey, you can be sure of getting high standard of health care as you may get in any European countries.

Beautiful Turkey

The Turkish people are very friendly and warm people, easy to become friends with. Even their language is not too hard to learn. There are lots of foreign residents who have learned to speak the language within the first 3 months of their stay. The social life in Turkey can be very intense amongst friends and family, Turkish people tend to share their all with their friends. It will astonish you, how warm and sharing these people are. Not only between themselves, but also towards foreigners. With lots of cinemas, theaters, museums, ancient cities and places to visit, Turkey will fascinate you with both its people and its rich history.

You can taste the wonderful Turkish cuisine which  usually is quite cheap. The restaurants in Antalya offer a variety of cuisines with special emphasis on the Turkish cuisine. You can find international cuisines, served by the restaurants which are truly a gourmet’s delight.Eating out will be no problem thanks to very reasonable prices in the restaurants with high quality services.

Thousands of people  have already made the move and  started living the dream.  No matter what your reason is , at Model Invest we can help you find your dream retirement property in Turkey. The seaside towns such as Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Alanya are the best places to consider buying an apartment or a villa for a peaceful retirement.  Choose one of our developments and enjoy your retirement in Turkey.

Advantages of Retiring To Turkey :

  • You are guaranteed a good climate in Turkey.
  • You’ll have a more relaxed lifestyle.
  • Your money goes further. The cost if living in Turkey is very reasonable and you’ll be able to enjoy a high standard of living.
  • You will still get your pension through your Turkish bank account
  • It’s easy to get to Turkey. You can get frequent budget charter flights for very reasonable prices.
  • The Antalya international airport lies only 20 km from the city.
  • The Turkish language is easy to learn.
  • You’ll be a new member of a great community consisting of the happy people who have  bought a retirement property in Turkey .
  • Turkey has an excellent medical service.

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