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Restaurants in Turkey

Posted by Alper Ocaklı on June 24, 2015
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Turkey has many good restaurants to offer, where you can enjoy and taste the Turkish cuisine. The Turkish cuisine is diverse, contains history and even the landscape of the country. In ancient times, hundreds of cooks cooked perfectly variable dishes for the Otoman Sultans. Under the ten domes of the Topkapi Palace, huge kitchens were used.

Delicious prepared kebaps are worldwide known and the main meals in the Turkish restaurants. More and more foreigners and tourists prefer one of the many variations of this deliciously prepared meat dish.  A so to call “special treat” in Turkey is seafood. Fish restaurants are very popular in Turkey, in most of these restaurants, all kinds of fish and seafood are exposed in refrigirators, so that customers can choose their fish directly. In both types of restaurants the traditional Turkish cuisine begins with starters called Meze and Fresh, seasonal fruits are often offered after dining, together with tea. For those of you who have any room left for desert, Turkish chefs are superb with it and don’t treat it lightly. A host of traditional Turkish deserts including the renowned Turkish delight, sutlac which is a form of rice pudding, baklava, kadayif, half are only a few of the delicious deserts that await you..
Eating out in Antalya / Turkey
The city of Antalya offers a variety of restaurants serving delicacies with a contemporary  ambiance. There are many good restaurants in and around Antalya, where you can taste the wonderful Turkish cuisine and drinks, as well as fish. Eating out in Turkey / Antalya usually is quite cheap, but there are fine and expensive restaurants too. The restaurants in Antalya offer a variety of cuisine with special emphasis on the Turkish cuisine. The international cuisines served by the restaurants are a gourmet’s delight. The restaurants in Antalya provide unique environments in terms of the interior decoration, the epicurean delights, the ambiance and even in the themes of some restaurants. 
Restaurants in Antalya boast of the best chefs who offer their food lend an extraordinary taste to the food.

So, if you want to enjoy  your summer travel with the culinary delights that Turkey has to offer,  Antalya is the right place for you.


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