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If you are not familiar with the Turkish Riviera, we have put together a summary of the locations and what each area offers. To view information on any area please click on a location and the description will appear.


Antalya is a city embracing the sun, the lush green of the surrounding landscape and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. With its long summers and mild winters, its endless beaches, the vast orange groves which perfume the air, the abundant green of the Taurus Mountains stretching down to the sea and the breath- taking splendor of ancient Greek, Roman and Seljuk remains, Antalya is one of the world’s most visited and attractive holiday resorts. Antalya, one of the most popular cities where foreigners prefer buying property, can be the perfect place for your holiday or retirement home. This lively, touristic city with its beaches, shopping centers and ancient history could be just what you are looking for.


When books are written it is not all towns that can brag of having pirates, queens and great war lords as main characters as Alanya can! With its vast beaches, historic sites, the innumerable fish restaurants of its modern hotel and motels and its cafes and bars, Alanya is an outstanding holiday getaway. The first thing that greets the visitor is the 13th century Seljuk Castle, which sits like a crown on top of Alanya Peninsula. Crowning the headland is a sprinkling of Citadel towers and just below is a delightful harbour guarded by the Red Tower, an unusual building. The city is very lively and appropriate for those who want to settle in a modern city with lots of ancient history but also the long beaches for holiday makers who intend to have holiday home in Turkey.


Kemer is an important tourism center with green and blue met qualified, resort, restaurant and beach facilities, yacht ports and historical cities nearby. Kemer is a made-to-order resort carved from Turkey’s pristine pine-shaded Mediterranean coast 35km (22 miles) southwest of Antalya. Not only with a lively nightlife, for those who want to party, but Kemer can also be a very quiet and peaceful little settling, with the Taurus mountain view and its long beaches. Kemer is very centrally located for those who are interested in visiting ancient places like Demre, Myra, and Kekova, but is also very near to the pearl of the Mediterranean Antalya.


Belek is the newest holiday Riviera and coast of East Antalya on the Mediterranean. This holiday paradise has lots to offer for those who enjoy golf, nature, swimming and sunbathing. Belek is a modern luxurious holiday center and only 40 km far away from Antalya and 30 km to the Antalya Airport. Belek, the new expanding tourist region near Antalya, is just the place for golf-fans, sportsmen and big nature-fans. With its forests, beaches and many golf-courses, Belek becomes the new apple of the eye of tourists.


A little museum on its own, Side is located on a small peninsula. Side offers you sun, sea, beach, nightlife, but you will especially be intrigued by the ancient air all over the city. The town’s history stretches back thousands of years. The resort is surrounded by stunning ruins, including the waterside Temple of Apollo and a well preserved Roman amphitheatre, which still hosts colorful performances. Side’s archaeological importance means there are strict local planning regulations, which has helped the town maintain its charming character.

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