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Antalya is located in the west of the Mediterranean region. It’s a rich land of history with its historical sites, which  had  been  home  for  several  civilizations  and a heaven  of sea & sun with its unique coastline and coastal towns (Alanya, Side Aspendos, Belek, Kemer, Phaselis, Thermessos…). The Antalya  region  has  been  a cause of attraction to different civilizations from the ancient past. It has been famed  as  the  Heaven  on  earth from as long back as the 1′ st century  BC…  Because of its archaeological and natural riches, Antalya is also known as the Turkish Riviera.

Antalya is the place where sea, sun, history and nature constitute a  perfect  harmony  and  which also  includes  the most  beautiful and   clearest   coast  along   the   Medditerranean…  The Taurus   mountain  range,   rising  to  3086  meters  above  this  coastline,  wraps  the  city  of  Antalya like a cradle. Land and sea everywhere meet the beaches  stretching  for  miles or  the steep cliffs. The Taurus  mountains  against the  blue  backdrop  of  the sky, the precipices  and  especially  the caves  close  to  the  sea add  another dimension to the beauty of the region.

Turkey’s mediteranean tourist hotspot, Antalya, is now one of Europe’s most popular destinations for tourist and retirees. Antalya has some of the the best leisure activities avaible in the world. Regardless of age or interest, there is literally something for everyone. It offers year round sunshine, views of the specacular Toros Mountains, blue flag beaches and ample fresh produce.

Entartainment areas like Beach Park and Ataturk park offer the best of Turkish food and famed hotels of  the  region offer  world food in hundreds of different restaurants.  Beatiful weather,  long beaches,  gorgeous food  and amazing history will bring Mediteranean lifestyle alive.

Culturally rich, Antalya has an abudance of entartainment and recreational choices. You can enjoy the syphony, dinner, theatre. Antalya piano festival, Turkish Music Festivals, Blues Festival, Euro-Asian Film Festival, Aspendos Ballet & Opera festival.

The region, bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year, is a paradise of sunbathing, swimming, and sporting activities like windsurfing, water-skiing, sailing, mountain climbing and caving.  If you come to Antalya  in  March  and  April, you can ski in the mornings and in the afternoons swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Important historical sites and beautiful mosques await your discovery, amid a landscape of pine forests, olive and citrus groves and palm, avocado and banana plantations.

Places of interest to see in Antalya are the fine museum of archaeology, the broken minaret mosque which had also been a church, Hadrian’s Gate and the antique Roman Harbor.  The views from the old yacht harbour of Antalya (known as Antalya Yat Limani) are dramatic and exceptionally picturesque. Daily tours to surrounding touristy areas like Side, Alanya and Termessos are available, in addition to longer tours to Pamukkale or Cappadocia or anywhere you would like to go. Professional tourist guides are also available.

The climate of the province is typical Medditerranean: hot and dry in summers and temperate and rainy in winters. Sunshine is guaranteed from April to October and the winters are pleasantly mild. The humidity is a little bit high, about 64%, and the average water temperature is 21.5 °C. Antalya is really a heavenly place where the summer season is about 8-9 months long.

The international communities have made their mark on the city. With Pasty shops baking apple and cherry pies to suit European tastes and churches opening their doors to various nationlities . The international imprint runs deep across Turkey’s coastline.24000 international residents settled in Antalya region to enjoy their holidays or sunset years in the happiness of a warm coastal climate and Mediteranean culture. Turkey’s low property prices attarct various types of buyers, both domestic and international investors as the take advantage of its appeal for business and tourism.An investment in Antalya real estate brings boundless sun-splashed benefits.

Reasons to choose Antalya :

  1. Ideal for those looking for a large city life, exceptional rental yields and Miami style residences
  2. Excellent year round climate, Longest summer duration in Turkey, making for a longer holiday season and strong rental potential and/or increased owner usage.
  3. Antalya has an international airport which can connect you directly to many European capitals.
  4. Mediterranean lifestyle, wonderful food
  5. Excellent beaches, a lively nigh life with bars and beach clubs, high standard of service
  6. Many famous historical monuments, ruins and attractive sights.
  7. There are many well preserved historical sites and attractive tourist places, authentic shopping centers.
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