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The popular and beautiful resort of Alanya reaches out towards the sparkling Mediterranean along two long sandy beaches overlooked by a magnificent 13th century fortress which crowns the headland. Alanya was an agricultural city, depending on the production of citrus fruits and bananas in the first half of the 20th century, whereas it became a center of national tourism activities based on health due to the refreshing air of Damlatas Cave in 1950s. The touristic movement of the city gained an international dimension, improving at a great pace with the help of its historical background and natural beauties.

Today, Alanya is one of the biggest touristic centers of the Mediterranean with its capacity over 100 thousand beds used for tourists.

The most remarkable characteristic of Alanya, making it different from other touristic centers of the world and particularly from the Mediterranean is that the city center has become a big holiday resort where all kinds of services and goods are available.

There are lots of options as for accommodation facilities, places for entertainment and shopping centers in Alanya and its vast beaches are at your service without any payments, ensuring the quality of the International Blue Flag. About 150 towers punctuate the walls of the well-preserved double-walled citadel.

Within the outer walls are ruins of Mosques, a Caravanserai and covered bazaar: in the inner walls are a ruined cistern and a Byzantine church. Although Alanya s history dates back the Roman times, it rose to prominence under the Seljuks, when in 1220, Alaeddin Keykubat made it his winter residence and naval base.

The surviving buildings reflect the importance of the city in Seljuk times. Besides the impressive citadel tourists should explore the unique dockyards and the octagonal Kizil Kule ( Red Tower ) Alanya is a beautiful holiday center of modern hotels and motels, numerous fish restaurants and cafes and bars.
Reasons to choose Alanya:

  1. As well as two beautiful Blue Flag beaches, everything you need is here, including shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
  2. its landscapes are simply very beautiful; every day there will be new sights to see and places to explore, so there s no time to be bored
  3. With more than 300 sunny days are ideal for year-round outdoor living
  4. Many historical sites in the city
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