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Ksanta De Luxe Hotel & Residence

The “Ksanta De Luxe Hotel & Residence” complex is being developed by Model Invest Companies. We are pleased to present this great the development of luxury [more]
The “Ksanta De Luxe Hotel & Residence” complex is being developed by Mo [more]


Kemer is an important tourism center which is situated on the Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast . Kemer is a well known resort on Turkey’s pristine pine-shaded Mediterranean coast 35km southwest of Antalya. it boasts 300 days of sunshine a year making it undoubtedly an attractive holiday and second home destination. oday Kemer is known internationally as a very important and desirable holiday resort destination with its 5 star neigbouring resorts and hotels.

one of the leading attractions of Kemer is its natural beauty. Crystal clear sea, deep forests and mighty mountains join at one point. The views are breathtaking indeed. It is not spoiled , quite and comfortable holiday district with its infrastructure, easy and organized transportation, utilities of communication and well working Municipality.Kemer has all the ingredients for a really relaxing holiday.

The resort has been carefully planned and designed to make the most of its beautiful location without being too intrusive. The resort focuses around the magnificent blue waters and colourful marina of Antalya bay with a backdrop of the towering Jagged peaks of the Taurus mountains. Kemer Beach is a Blue Flag beach. The term “Blue Flag”, certified by the European Union means clean beach.

There are pletny of Restaurants and cafes tempting you with fresh ingredients delicious foods. For anyone who fancies dancing the night away Kemer offers quality music bars and discos. There are more things to do in kemer such as jeep safari, bicyle tours, hourse riding or yachting

There’s much to see in this fascinating region, not to be missed are Yoruk Parki. an amazing view on how the Turks lived several hundred years ago. The remains of Phaselis and the antic city Olympos are another attarctiveness and within easy reach. The rock tombs at Myra near Demre are just down the road, where you’ll find the Church of St Nicholas, patron saint of children and the original Santa Claus.

Nowadays, One of the major attractive for Kemer is its new ski Resort which opened end of last year. The Tahtali Aerial Cableway uniquely combines two classic holiday destinations the sea and the mountains.

There are few places in the world where you can swim in the sea and ski on the mountain snow at the same time of the year! With a length of 4,350 mtrs, the Tahtalı aerial cableway is the longest in Europe and the second longest in the World.

Reasons to choose Kemer:

  1. Summer never ends in Kemer with 300 sunny days!
  2. New ski center at the KEMER hills of Tahtalı mountain at 4.350 mtr.
  3. Magnificient views of Taurus mountains
  4. Blue Flag Award for its beaches , sea and marina
  5. Steeped in history with places like Phaselis, Olympos, Idyros, Hunters Kiosk, St Nicholas and Myra etc.
  6. Nice living style with its night life, sporting activities, climate and foods.
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