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Golf in Turkey

Posted by Alper Ocaklı on July 27, 2015
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Golfing in Belek

The most popular golfing region in Turkey is Belek, which has many quality golf courses. Belek is easily accessible with flights to Antalya international airport from all over the world. As expected, most of the golf courses are situated in the tourist regions, The elite golfing center “Belek” region is the newest and one of the best holiday rivieras in Turkey and becoming increasingly popular with golfers from all over Europe. Golf is an added attraction to Beleks fine weather, sandy beach and history. The number of golf clubs are increasing and the quality as good as anywhere in the world. It was not for nothing Belek is going to host World Golf Championship 2012. This indicates the International Golf Association’s actual tribute paid to all benefits available in the Belek.

Challenging Golf Courses and a beautiful environment will fullfill everything you could imagine for your well-earned vacation. Since 1996 Belek has been specialising in providing tailor made golf holidays in this wonderful region of Turkey. Various 4-5 star hotels (ALL) are available in this wonderful area. But if you are looking for your very own 5-star golf property in Belek, Modelinvest will be pleased to assist you in your search. Cick here for buying belek golf villas

Belek is an important and perfect example of the characteristic of the Meditterenaen habitat. The natural balance of floral-fauna life is well protected and stays unharmed. Not only golfers, but offcourse also swimmers and sunbathers or even bird-watchers find the region very very attractive.

Not only for its nature and sea, beaches, but surely also for the well preserved Aspendos theatre; with a capacity for 15000 people and the ancient city of Perge, which was built 1500 B.C. and worth a visit. Then there is the Leaded (Kursunlu) waterfall, also known as the nest of more than 100 bird species with offcourse its secret cave, which is visited by hundreds of guests daily.

Belek is surely one of the most popular and beautiful spots in Turkey, where one can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and golf all together. A perfect and natural habitat to enjoy both the sea and your love for golf.

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