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Luxury beachfront villa in a privileged isla...

€ 1,250,000
This villa located on a privaleged island with its own private marina.
This villa located on a privaleged island with its own private marina.
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Beachfront Villa in Fethiye

€ 900,000
Luxury villa in beachfront complex in Fethiye center.
Luxury villa in beachfront complex in Fethiye center.


Fethiye is one of the most secluded corners in the southern coast of Turkey, located in a picturesque bay at the foot of the mountains. Bay is closed by 12 small islands and looks like a lake. Pine and cedar forests come close to the coast and contrast with the clean turquoise sea. One-meter-long turtles, Caretta-Carettaa are still laying eggs there, which indicate that it’s an ecologically clean place.

Golden sandy beaches of the Dead Sea impress with their unique nature. Here you can choose a luxury accommodation with all features available, as well as a modest pension at affordable price. Life in a city does not stop all day. In the afternoon you can visit Turkish bazaar –the largest in the region, stroll along the waterfront and the narrow streets, imbued with the atmosphere that has been created here for thousands of years, take a trip around Fethiye region and increase your knowledge of different historical epochs. At night the city becomes a large entertainment centre that offers diverse menu of leisure and entertainment.

Fethiye is a city with a rich historical past. In ancient times, it was the largest city in Lycia, called Telmessos. There is a legend of how Apollo fell in love with a shy beauty Agenor, the daughter of the king of Finike . When their first child is born, he is named Telmess – which means “City of Light”.

We can easily see the fact that this city has a rich past by looking at the ruins of the castle of the Knights of Rhodes proudly overlooking the blue bay. Lycian tombs carved straight from the rocks, and building facades reminiscent of those times. The most beautiful tomb with a beautiful name of “Garden of almond trees” (“Bademli Bahçe”) dates back to 3-4 century B.C.

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