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Our long-term vision for the future is to continue to expand, and to uphold a commitment to consistently provide a superior level of living for our clients through our developments, constructions and services..


The strategy of Model Invest is to become the leading development company of the Turkish Riviera with a direction towards multifunctional projects in some of the major cities and resorts of the Mediterranean. Model Invest entities do not just go on to establish living spaces which increase the life quality of international buyers, contribute value to life, safe, bring together esthetic and functionality perfectly; but also Model Invest has an integrated business covering all services of the property life circle for its customers from meeting us to last a whole lifetime. Our mission is simply to deliver the best construction projects and related services in southern Turkey for all international customers.

Our Goals:

  • To give our clients far more than they expect.
  • To create efficient and convenient quality projects in the field of residential and commercial premises.
  • To create quality living spaces of long lasting value
  • To be fair to all parties.
  • To maintain the highest ethical standards.
  • To accomplish quality works on time.
  • To be well known internationally.
  • To achieve the most competitive cost on every project.
  • To generate profit for the continuing growth of our staff and our company.
  • To respect and recognize the contributions of our workforce.
  • To train personnel and reward professional growth.
  • To create a healthy and safe environment for innovation and teamwork.
  • To be the best employer for its team.
  • Social responsibility

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