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About Model Invest

Real Estate & Investment

Company Profile

We specialize in quality residential, commercial and hospitality real estate development and consultation. Our market knowledge and professionalism make a winning combination for our partners and clients. We offer our clients trust and integrity of 20 years business experience.

The activities of Model invest group can mainly be divided into

  • Real Estate
  • Investment

Real estate

Model Invest is a dynamic real estate company, rapidly expanding, covering a wide range of properties, from one bedroom apartments to five bedroom luxury villas. Model Invest is currently branching out nationally and internationally starting from its base in Antalya / Turkey. Needless to say that all of these branches are directed by a well educated and very professional staff, surely one of the reasons that today, Model Invest is a quality  oriented property enterprise and has a well-deserved reputation of being the leading real  estate company along the Turkish Riviera.

Model Invest is specialized and experienced in sales of especially residential developments as well as commercial and hospitality developments. Projects include apartments, houses, villa or semi-detached villas, commercial premises and hotels.

Investment & Construction

Model Invest is especially known for its quality oriented residential and commercial developments. Our philosophy is “Quality with Style” whilst providing value for money through carefully selected investment property locations. With these ideals as our basis, every project we develop is a sound and lasting investment.

During the development of each project we always consider local landscape, cultural and historical heritage and strive for harmony of architectural solutions. We have developed many practical and comfortable housing projects with high construction quality by applying advanced technologies in the Antalya region, therefore our developed projects become long-term values.

The property development includes comprehensive construction activities to manage the entire construction process from start to finish. The Company’s number one commitment is to the highest standards of construction quality and attention to detail for each and every development.

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