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Category Archives: About Turkey

Why Turkey ?

Aug 10, 2015
8 reasons to choose Turkey for second home Turkey is the perfect alternative for international property buyers: Tur [more]
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Golf in Turkey

Jul 27, 2015
Golfing in Belek The most popular golfing region in Turkey is Belek, which has many quality golf courses. Belek is [more]
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Activities in Turkey

Jul 22, 2015
Turkish Bath – Hamam A very popular activity among tourists is the Hamam – or Turkish bath. During the [more]
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Beaches in Turkey

Jul 21, 2015
For most holidaymakers, beach holidays are the most popular type of getaway. A beach holiday has huge appeal to hol [more]
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Turkey & European Union Overview

Jul 20, 2015
Turkey- European Union association relations date back to the signing of the Ankara Agreement in 1963. The main aim [more]
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Traditional Turkish Drinks

Jul 19, 2015
Turkish Coffee: This delicious drink is prepared by boiling finely powdered roast coffee beans in a “cezve [more]
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Buying Gift or Souvenir

Jun 24, 2015
Turkey provides many opportunities for buying souvenirs and gifts and offers today the best prices on many products [more]
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Golf Resorts / Hotels in Belek

Jun 24, 2015
Gloria Golf Resort Gloria Golf Resort is of modern architecure in an very natural environment, and one of the most [more]
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Economy in Turkey

Jun 24, 2015
Turkish economy is a dynamic and emerging market equipped with a developed infrastructure, rapidly growing private [more]
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Turkey History

Jun 24, 2015
Turkey has been the homeland to many civilizations such as Hattis, Hittites, Lycians, Persians, Romans, Seljuks and [more]
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