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Turkey, the gateway between Europe & Asia is proud of one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Real estate prices yet remain extremely low in comparison to the rest of Europe. This naturally beautiful and historically rich Eurasian country will leave you longing for more. Over thirteen civilizations have settled in the area over the centuries, and as a result, Turkey has a culturally thick history and enchanting past..The flying time to Turkey is only around 3 hours from major European airports. What’s especially attractive about Turkey is that it can offer you so many diverse lifestyles all within one country. Turquoise seas with blue flag beaches, pine-clad mountains, excellent cuisine, reasonable cost of living, very low crime rate, short flight duration friendly people and a coastline of 8,000 km; Turkey offers all of this and more . . .

As an emerging investor market, Turkey provides excellent value for money at a fraction of the cost of properties in traditional European markets. Nowadays, Turkey has been a perfect alternative destination for European people because of many advantages it presents. This section of our web site will lead you to all property issues in Turkey.

Turkey is exceptionally popular and has one of the highest concentrations of European buyers, not to mention a tourism market which is increasing steadily by over 25% each year. Property investments have proven to be outstanding investments for investors over the recent years.

There are plenty of tourist attractions, golf courses, marinas, cafes, restaurants and bars to enjoy Turkey, not to mention wonderful hotels. All this will entice you back for another visit or even to stay there forever. Our blog will give you quite precise overview about all things to do, activities and attractions in this beautiful country.

To make you more familiar with main property destinations for second home buyers in Turkey we will give an overview presentation of the cities’ different areas Under part. Here you can find out what each city can offer for property buyers with detailed information.

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