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Model Invest professionals are eager sharing their vast expertise and comments with you on this Blog.

Here, we add lots of useful information within our posts such as buying tips, guides, advices, latest local market trends and certainly information on our properties and projects. To get closer and establish warm relationship with our buyers, Model Invest activities will also be announced through this Blog.

Model Invest Blog is also web-blog intended to be a forum for discussion and posting about Turkey, life in Turkey and Turkish culture etc. We feel a necessity to provide you with useful information, comments and resources on Turkish Life that helps you to compare with others sources.

Lots of information will be added over coming weeks on our blog.  We would like to invite you visiting us occasionally.

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Flights to Turkey

Jun 24, 2015
Most international air companies have charter or regular flights from all major cities of the world to Turkey’ [more]
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Getting Visa to Turkey

Jun 23, 2015
As far as visiting a new country Visa is the most important document.  Getting a visa to Turkey before going there [more]
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Life in Turkey

Jun 20, 2015
The region comprising modern Turkey has seen the birth of major civilisations including the Byzantine and Ottoman E [more]
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Moving to Turkey

Jun 20, 2015
Do you want to give yourself the best possible chance so your new lifestyle will match up to your expectations? If [more]
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Living Turkey

Jun 20, 2015
Turkey is very popular amongst foreign citizens to settle for a living, such as German, Dutch, English, Russians, S [more]
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