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This project has been planned and developed for international friends of golf and those who just like being around the select golf environment. The “Golf Villag [more]
This project has been planned and developed for international friends of go [more]
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Belek is an up and coming resort town on Turkey s Mediterranean Coast with dazzling white sandy beaches and ancient sites like the great amphitheatre of Aspendos, still used today for concerts, festivals and events.This place is the newest holiday Riviera and coast of East Antalya on the Mediterranean.

In Belek Tourism Center 574species of plants, 29endemic(can only be found in Turkey )plants, and the Serik Pear (Pyrus serikensis)have been detected. In this holiday paradise there are tens of newly Hotels – Resorts or Holiday Villages available for your vacation plans. All those
resorts very deluxury, modern and comfortable.Some of these 5 stars hotels offers Golf Packages and they have luxurious golf clubs. Also It is as well a bird paradise where 109 different beautiful bird species including theTyto Alba, a hooded owl which is symbol of Belek region, which can be observed easily during the 12 months of the year. The regional beaches are one of the outstanding laying eggs beaches for the aquatic turtles ( caretta caretta ). Its year round warm climate, laid back lifestyle and great facilities means it s easy to stay fit and healthy here. The best place to spend a baking hot day is on the beach at Belek. Belek s Blue Flag beach is the perfect place to top up your tan, read a good book or splash about in clear, sparkling waters. The sand is a soft, milky white. And if you are interested in culture, you can visit some of the nearby ancient sites or museums and enjoy an open air concert at the ancient Aspendos Theatre, built in the 2nd Century.

Reasons to choose Belek:

  1. The region has 54 five-stars hotels and first-class holiday villages
  2. Belek is within easy reach of the facilities and amenities of Antalya.
  3. Antalya international airport is only a 20 minute drive away
  4. Aspendos Theatre which offers many concerts and events.
  5. The beaches, The sand is a soft, milky white.
  6. The Golf- the most leading attarctivenss in Belek
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