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Activities in Turkey

Posted by Alper Ocaklı on July 22, 2015
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Turkish Bath – Hamam

A very popular activity among tourists is the Hamam – or Turkish bath. During the Ottoman period, a trip to Turkish baths, or hamam, was a social event, especially for women. Women used to go to the hamam once a week, where they bathed, ate, drank and enjoyed themselves. There are different sections for men and women. Among the celebrities who bathed in a Turkish hamam are the present British Queen’s uncle King Edward VII, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, the famous Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, and the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale.

The services include:

Washing, peeling, soup massage, towel (pestemal), slippers (takunya) and changing cabin. The masseurs (tellaks) are trained and professional people. After a few hours in the Hamam, you will feel like a newborn !

Turkish Cafe houses

Drinking Turkish coffee is an activity, totally integrated part of daily life in Turkey. Even the smallest Turkish village has its coffee-house or kahvehane, where people can talk, drink Turkish tea, Turkish coffee, and play the national game of backgammon “Tavla”, so; lots of things to do. Turkish coffeehouses must be divided into two: old coffeehouses and new coffeehouses usually are located in the cities. In the new cafe houses, also called Nargile cafe, you can smoke nargile, play Tavla (backgammon) and drink Turkish Tea or Coffee, these coffeehouses attract many tourists.


Although theatre is not very extensive in Turkey, in the bigger cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, or even in settlings where foreign citizens subsist, there is always a piece, or play available. In cities such as Antalya, Side, these kind of activities and most plays are exhibited in the ancient theaters, which off course give the whole play a very authentic flair.

For example, the Aspendos theater features the best preserved ancient Roman theater in Turkey, and one of the most fascinating one in the world. To attend to a play here, is something no-one will forget easily.

In Istanbul, the Foundation for Culture and Arts organizes the International Istanbul Theatre Festival which is one of the biggest events/activities of its kind in the country. Held in various venues in the city, the festival brings some groundbreaking performances to the stage from some of Turkey’s best young artists and directors as well as those from around the world. The festival also includes an exciting programme of workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other activities.

Night Life

Turkey is a country that eats and sleeps late and for those who wish to sink a few early drinks there are lots of places to go and things to do. Restaurants of any kind, bars, clubs, discos, open air facilities in the summer are very popular. It is exciting to anyone who has spent more than a few nights in Antalya’s extensive and diverse nightlife, therefore especially in the summertime, lots of foreigners prefer to buy a holiday home in Antalya for this reason. On the Mediterranean coast, there are so many activities one can attend to, that it is just not possible to get bored. Restaurants, bars and clubs are full every night, tourists or local citizens, they all enjoy. One of the interesting sides of the active nightlife in Turkey is, that there are open air facilities in the summer months. Think about it: open air disco/club..your favourite drink in your hands, music and when you look up, thousands and thousands of stars in the sky. This experience will be one that you just cannot forget.


There are a lot of concerts in Turkey which one can attend to. In cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara one can always find a concert from a local or even an internationally known artist. Every year there are jazz festivals-concerts, especially in Istanbul. These concerts are being attended by thousands, and often the tickets are sold out.


International Attractions of Turkey

More than 100 festivals take place in Turkey every year, along with the local festivals organised in Antalya, the country is full of exciling cultural attractions and entertainment venues. Antalya is a perfect festival city, but also as a province, Antalya has lots of small / bigger festivals the whole year through. Because an important part of the festivals is being held in Antalya, it automatically adds an important value on the international presentation of the country. But Istanbul also is important centre of international culture and art festivals and sponsored festivals/attractions.

There are so many things to do in Turkey, But the Antalya festivals have a special ambiance for foreigners.

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