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Welcomes Turkey

Living in Turkey

Turkey is very popular amongst foreign citizens to settle for a living, such as German, Dutch, English, Russians, Swedish, Japanese, Belgian, French, Iranian citizens.....Mostly these citizens prefer living on the Turkish Riviera, where toursim is well established as well as foreigners buy property most.

More foreigners start living in Turkey each day !!

Over the years many foreigners have spent their holidays in Turkey, enjoying the country, the people and the climate. For example, after the children have grown up and left home, those people have decided to spend the rest of their lives by getting to know Turkey and its culture. Turkey is a perfect choice for those, who want to live in Turkey after their retirement, if only for the relatively low cost of living, professional health care in everyway.

Younger families who spended their holidays in this magnificent country and have become attached to Turkey often decide on living in Turkey. These families, who often have smaller children, may think about the education and social activities their children may need, and if there are enough alternatives according. Education in Turkey will surely not be a problem, since there are lots of possibilities such as public schools or private shools. Social activities are also in Turkey very important, f.e. sports, theatre, music for the children. In general we can state, that relatively young children are more likely to adjust to all sudden or important changes in their lives. However, we should not forget, that they could suffer from homesickness, loneliness and/or not being very adequate at school. Despite the above mentioned, Turkey is a great place for their adaptation into a new life. It is accepted that Turkey is a great place to grow up children.

Sometimes, foreigners who already own a holiday home in Turkey, and spend a few weeks every year, also decide to live in this beatiful country. One of the main reasons that these people prefer Turkey is that in time they have seen that living costs in Turkey are relatively low and the standard of living conditions are high. In that case, it is offcourse a lot easier to arrange a permittance to settle and to get used to life in Turkey.

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