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Welcomes Turkey

Healthcare in Turkey

Spending your holiday, or even live permanently, medical care is at the top of the list of concerns for many foreigners or property buyers in Turkey. There is, however, no reason to worry, since Turkey offers high quality of healthcare services.  

There are many private hospitals with excellent facilities in Turkey, but also every city / village has a public hospital.

In the last decade Private Healthcare has flourished in Turkey. The hospitals are on a par with international standards in terms of expertise and equipment, as also contracts with various insurance companies so it is important to provide a good health insurance.

However, the Turkish State hospitals may not always have the same conditions as in your homecountry. Despite this fact, these hospitals however, have some of the most well-known and respected doctors in Turkey on staff, especially at the university hospitals. Since a few years, plans to improve the standards in state hospitals are being planned and implemented, consequently making a big difference in the service they provide today.

Most of the medical doctors working in both private/public hospitals in Turkey are reputable and able to speak in English.  

Hospitals in Antalya / Turkey

  • Private Medicalpark hospital
  • private Yasam hospital
  • private Andeva hospital
  • Private Lara hospital
  • Private Anadolu hospital
  • Akdeniz university hospital
  • Antalya state hospital

Pharmacies in Antalya / Turkey

Pharmacies are open from 9.00 to 19.00hrs from Monday to Saturday and there is usually an emergency pharmacy in each area. In Turkey, chemists, eczane in Turkish, are trained to treat  most common ailments and dispense medicine, many of which, without a prescription. The pharmacies can be found almost every neighborhood in Turkey. 

Health / Travel Insurance

Visitors and longer-term residents are advised to take out medical insurance, despite the low cost of high-quality private medical care in Turkey. Most  travel insurance packages  will usually cover Healthcare as a aprt of the package. For regular travellers it will be more cost effective to get an annual policy. All kinds of medical insurance and travel insurance packages can be arranged  through insuring services of Model Invest in expatriate policies for permanent or long-term residents. These may include in-patient/day care and emergency repatriation to the homecountry, out-patient care, specialist treatment, dentistry and maternity care. 

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