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Welcomes Turkey

Education and Schools in Turkey

All children living in Turkey have the right to study a free state education and there are also private, international schools in the larger towns and cities. There are five stages of education: preschool, primary school, middle school, high school, and university. 

Most children in Turkey graduate with a Primary Education diploma, since education is compulsory in Turkey for 8 years of primary school. Between the ages of  7-14 years, the children attend to primary school, lots of the younger ones go to pre-school (nursery), which is getting more and more common in Turkey. Turkish schools, even ,when struggling with underfunding, display high levels of staff professionalism and dedication, strong student motivation and parental and community involvement

Many private schools, universities and institutes of higher education are being established, offering ,excellent standards and facilities. Because the lessons in the state schools are given in Turkish, most foreigners prefer to send their children to private schools. Mainly founded in larger towns, the international schools are fee payed, though less expensive than similar schools in Europe. Some private and international schools, base the lessons ont the English national curriculum, which is an advantage, if the child should already be attending a course.

Some Private Shcools in Antalya

Universties in Turkey 

Once highschool is finished, it is time for the university. With one university in Antalya, almost all bigger cities in Turkey have one or more universities with the best education given as best as possible.  The most popular Turkish state universities in Europe are Bogazici University in Istanbul and METU in Ankara, The most known  private universties which many foreigners prefer to have education are Bilkent University in Ankara and Istanbul Bilgi University in Istanbul.  
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