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FAQ - General

How is life in Turkey ?
People living in Turkey enjoy high quality of lifestyle.Please clicklife in Turkey to learn more about Turkish life is.
Are there many foreigners who live in Turkey ?
Many foreigners live in Turkey and Each day they are increasing. Learn at living in Turkey page which foreigners start living in Turkey?
Why foreigners move to Turkey and choose living in Turkey?
There are many reasons why foreigners move to Turkey; such as low cost of living, short flying duration. You can find out more click Moving to Turkey page.
Is Turkey a good choice for retirement?
There are lots of advantages of spending retirement in Turkey
Is it easy to fly to Turkey ?
Most airplane companies have flights to Turkey because of the well developed Tourism infrastructure of Turkey.
How is the weather in Turkey ?
Thanks to the long summers and smooth winters in Turkey, traveling and living in Turkey is a pleasure. Especially South coasts of Turkey enjoy hot and long summers and relatively mild winters. Learn more about theclimate in Antalya where the second home market is well developed.
How do we travel to Turkey?
Because of the growth of tourism in Turkey, flight companies such as Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Thomas Cook and Excel are planning new routes every year. This encourages the capital appreciation and invites investors more often to the country, and especially in the Antalya region. To learn more please click Travel to Turkey.
Where to Go in Turkey ?
Turkey has a lot to offer but Turkish Riviera is the most popular.

The world famous Turkish Riviera welcomes visitors from all over world and offers not only many places to visit, but also long sunny seasons with mild winters, the cleanest air, spectacular and magnificent mountain scenery and sandy beaches with blue flag as well. Find out about cities in Turkish Riviera
What are the best times to travel and have holiday in Antalya?

The Mediterranean coast can be visited all year through since it enjoys more than 9 months of sunshine per year. The touristic season ( April - November) is the most popular time to take holiday in the Turkish Riviera. Winters are much warmer than many parts of Europe also the prices are lower than the other seasons

  • Summers ( june - August) are very hot in The Turkish Riviera and this period is the peak tourist season
  • Spring is one of the best time to travel to Antalya (April - June). The weather is moderate, the days are long and the city is not very crowded. It can be rainy some days in April.
  • Autumn (September – November) has mostly mild weather, but the days are shorter than spring. Rains may start in mid October.
  • Winters in Antalya are quite moderate. During the November - March period there can be heavy and frequent rains. Prices are lower, tourists are fewer than the other seasons.
How do I travel around Turkey?
Traveling through Turkey is easy as there is a good network of local roads with wide bus transportation services, taxi and car rental services. You can fly from Antalya to most of Turkey's touristic destinations such as Istanbul , Izmir, Bodrum etc.
Is a visa required to enter Turkey?
Entering Turkey is simple for most countries. Visitors from some countries are free to enter to Turkey without the need for a visa,

Some countries are able to obtain the visa at the point of entry into Turkey and it is usually valid for 1-3 months depending on the nationality.

Some few countries can get visa just from Turkish Embassies in their country befere travelling to Turkey. Learn about getting visa to Turkey
What if I want to stay longer?
Resident visas are applied for at the foreigners department of the regional police office of the area in which you have your property, or live. You should carry your visa, which is a small, blue book with you at all times, so that you can present it on entering and leaving Turkey, and will not have to pay any tourist visa while entering the country. The average of the residential visa is normally 1 year, but can also be given for a period up to 5 years.
Can I work in Turkey?
Your employer would have to apply for a work permit on your behalf. To obtain the work permit, your residents visa will be acquired though.
What about eating out?
Again, you will benefit from the relatively low prices. As well as the Turkish cuisine, you will find English, Italian and Indian restaurants quite common place. You can find a wide choice of meat, seafood and vegetables dishes. Click Restaurants in Turkey and eating out in Antalya for more information.
What is the currency in Turkey
The currency is the Turkish Lira (TL). As the Euro, UK pound and US dollar are widely accepted.
How safe is the country?
Turkey is a very safe country with a relatively low crime rate.
How do Turkish people treat foreigners?
Turkish people are extremely hospitable and friendly as well as they are outgoing people who need just small excuse to have a friendly chat.
Are children welcome?
Most definitely. People love children, so if you are a family with children moving to Turkey, you can be sure that your children will get lots of attention and be well cared for, both in school and at play. There is a family orientated culture in Turkey and children are welcome almost everywhere.
Is it difficult to communicate with Turkish people ?
Communicating won't be a problem, since most of the Turkish people can speak good English, German and Russian. etc. especially in holiday resorts where you buy your property.
Is it difficult to learn Turkish ?
It is accepted that Turkish is a easy language comparing to many others. When you decide to learn Turkish, you will be warmly welcomed by Turkish people perhaps more than most countries. They will appreciate any efforts to learn Turkish and help you learn and speak the language more quickly. There are many Turkish Language Courses in holiday cities. You can learn more about Turkish Language and Language Programmes here
What about the health care in terms of the standard and costs?
Health care services are generally very good and of high quality .All foreigners have to pay for medical treatment and there are reciprocal private health plans available from many international insurances which will be accepted in Turkish private hospitals. The cost of health care in Turkey is quiet cheaper comparing to EU countries. Learn more about Healtcare in Turkey.
Health Insurance / Hospitals?
Although not compulsory, it is strongly recommended that you have full and current insurances. Those who is planning to spend longer periods or stay as a resident in Turkey can arrange medical insurance through Model İnvest insurance services.

There are many private hospitals in Turkey with excellent facilities with international standards in terms of expertise and equipment .To find some hospitals in Antalya region and learn more about healt insurence click here.
Do the doctors in Turkey speak english?
Most doctors in Turkey speak English and are very well trained. Many of the local doctors have surgeries, which are well equipped for dealing with patients.
What about education?
As a resident, you can send your children to local government or private schools. However generally private schools offer a higher standard of education. The private schools ( where spoken in english) are international and accommodate pupils from all over the world. There is also a big choice of qualified Universities throughout Turkey. Find out more about Education in Turkey
What about the schools in Antalya?
There is a wide range of private and public schools. The fees vary depending on the grade. Example: TED College, one of best known high schools of Antalya charges approximately 5.000 € for a full school year, including the bus transfer service and lunch. Click Schools in Antalya for more information.
What is the cost of living in Turkey?
You’ll find the general cost of living up to 50% cheaper comparing to many European countries with the exception of perhaps fuel and electricity being the most expensive. However fresh produce is great value for money. Additional to being significantly cheaper compared to many countries, most of foreigners enjoy high purchasing power of their strong currency.

Herein below is the chart with the prices of some most consumed food-products in Turkey. Please, check the prices and compare the cost of living in Turkey with cost of living in your country.

Cost of living chart
What about insurance in Turkey ?
There are plenty of local and international companies offering insurance products including property, car, health and life insurance services. We can guide you to buy the best insurance policy through our insurance services.
Can I Take My Vehicle/Car into Turkey?
Yes, You can. When you are visiting Turkey as a tourist with your vehicle, you should have full documents and insurance for your vehicle. Details of your car will be registered in your passport on arrival at the border. A foreign plated vehicle is permitted to remain in Turkey for a maximum of six months in any 12 month period. If you a have residence permit , you are allowed to bring your car and keep it as long as you live in Turkey.
Can I buy car in Turkey ?
If you have a residence permit, which is an easy process when buy a property in Turkey, you can buy a car and have it registered in your name.
Can I bring my pet to Turkey?
Yes, currently you can bring one cat, one dog, one bird or ten fish to Turkey by obtaining a certificate of origin and a certificate of health not more than 15 days prior to traveling. Airlines will also need to be advised of your intention to bring a pet with you when booking your flights.
How is the banking sytem in Turkey ?
Banking system in Turkey is very modern and well established as there are many reputable international and national banks which offer wide selection of financial products and English is widely spoken in most of them. You are be able to open bank accounts which offer good interest rates and set up your daily financial life in Turkey through Turkish banks. . You would need to open an Turkish Lira account in order to pay your water, electricity bills and other community charges, especially if you do not plan to live in Turkey permanently. Go Turkish Banks page to find out how to choose a bank in Turkey and how to open bank account.
What newspapers are available?
There are several newspapers and magazines in English as well as other languages such as German and Russian available at many local shops
Is satellite TV available in Turkey?
There are a wide selection of satellite services available in Turkey to view international TV channels in many languages.
Can I have a telephone at my home?
Yes, You can install a telephone line in your home in Turkey through the national telephone company Turk Telekom. A residency permition is required to obtain the line in your own name,
How do mobile telephones operate in Turkey?

Turkish Mobile operators such as Turkcell, Vodofone or Avea provide rooming services to many visitors from all over world so that you can use your phone during your visit in Turkey. Therefore before you arrive in Turkey you need to ask your local operator if your phone will be working and request to set up your phone to be used abroad.

However if you want to stay longer or live in Turkey, you can buy a sim-card from one of above Turkish mobile operators and you can choose to pay by monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go.

Can we drink the tap water ?
The tap water is perfectly safe and clean for daily use, However it is advasible to dirnk bottled water for drinking which is so easy and cheap to buy.
Should I have air-conditioning?
Air-conditioning can be really essential especially during the really hot months of July and August. Since most of the air conditioning units are split units and so can also blow out hot air, it is also useful in case you visit your home in winter.
What is the electric voltage in Turkey?
Turkey's electricity is 220 volts.
What is the economic and political situation in Turkey?
It is democratically elected as in the EU members. Turkey is also one of the five permanent members of NATO. Learn more about politics in Turkey
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